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Middle Class
Tenant Training
Professor & Students

This comprehensive course is designed to enhance, explore and learn creative ways to secure and maintain housing.


Renting isn’t for us all, but for us all, renting was how we got started. Class material surrounds excellence in housing tenure and discussions around, "What's Next" for Your housing?


This course is for the individual that has experience as a Legal tenant. ALL course work will surround a higher level of independence in housing. Either it be independent housing, changes or upgrades in housing, or working towards home ownership.​


  1. Successfully Completed Boot Camp Course

  2. Valid Drivers License or State ID

  3. Employed (Minimum of 30 hours per week)

  4. Established Credit Union or Bank Account

What We'll Learn

​During Tenancy:

  • Getting along with neighbors:

    • Thin Wall Policy​ (if You can hear it in another room - so can They)

  • Resolving Landlord Passivity:

    • Direct Complaint (documented)​

    • Escalated Complaint (documented)

    • Legal Protections

      • Rent Escrow​

      • Mediation 

      • Resolution

      • Homeline

  • Certificate for Rent Paid (CRP): 

    • How much should you really get?​

  • Introduction to Home Ownership


Ending Tenancy: 

  • Proper Notice

    • What do this mean - literally?! 

  • Deposit return

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