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Service Providers "Under Construction"

ALL 3 Critical Components of an Effective Professional Development Workshop

Guaranteed results using...

3) Support: We tend to think only of monetary support, but what are the environmental support mechanisms which can be utilized for continued development? 

Areas of focus:

Active listening 

Motivational Interviewing 

Emotional Intelligence 


Critical Thinking 


Setting Boundaries 



Implicit Basis

  • 4 Hour Development Workshop

  • Professional burnout assessment

  • Communication assessment

  • Nonviolent Communication techniques

1) Assessment: What does a successful workshop "look" like?

2) Challenge: Each personalized workshop is designed to broaden perspectives, increase empathy, and push participant's out of their comfort zone - resulting in dynamic shifts in thinking, work relationships, and productivity.

  • Empathy and inclusion focused curriculum

  • Information on the state of human service agencies

  • Ability to engage and share in a safe and supportive environment

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