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Crystalizing a Fragmented Office

Watch an office staff of fragmented individuals become a Cohesive, Compassionate and Courageous unit!

Training Synopsis...

Our client-centered approach was adopted from the International Alternatives to Violence Project  (AVP)

  • ​Deconstruction of Implicit basis

    • ​​Defining "Implicit Basis" 

    • Is it Really "Implicit"​

  • Role-plays 

    • Engagment & reflection seen in a participatory format

  • Processing

    • Utilizing the circle method for exchanging of information​

    • Immediate feedback

  • Light N' Livelies

    • Laughter and learning

    • Stationary alternatives for any required movement​

  • Best practices

    • Tips - what are others doing?

    • Consensus on +/- work environment ​​

  • Personalized Workshops

    •  Pre-workshop meeting

      • Identify Theme/Goals​

  • 2 or 4 or 6 hours in duration Only

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