• Below is our 4-step model for building wealth in real estate! If financial freedom is your goal – then there’s Oil in Housing for you too!

  • This certified wealth building course examines how everyday folks like us, can find generational wealth in real estate!

  • This 4-step highly technical plan is broken down into a 3-hour interactive workshop; mixing fun with Highly informative information.

Does Your Financial plan Add Up?

  • Home Buying Guide (Certified by MN Attorney General Keith Ellison)​

  • Invaluable Resource Material​


  • Effective Best Practices​


  • Creative Discernment Techniques​

  • Various Funding Streams


  • Direct referral to a Real Estate Agent with over 30 years of experience; Debbie’s job isn’t done until your dreams of ownership come true!​


  • A seasoned Broker; Ron will make sure your blueprint stays on course and will answer any questions or concerns you have along the way!

Course Includes



Credit Unions Only!!



The "4-8-32" Principle

Money is and will ALWAYS be an EXPENDABLE  Resource...

It takes Time to Use Someone Else's Money!!

Traditional Investing is antiquated, outdated, and archaic...STOP!! 

Understand Your Credit Score & Respect the DTI...