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This graduate level housing course is ONLY for individuals or couples who have outgrown renting and are looking for a place to call...

This course is a mixture of group discussions, exercises, research and planning.


The purchase of property is an American's most expensive life acquisition.


Without proper planning, a Dream can never become a Reality.

Come secure your

Blueprint TODAY

House in blue



  • Thinking about purchasing your 1st Home?

    • 2.5 times of annual income​

    • Things to Consider:

      • Increased Utilities​

      • Minimum 3.5% down payment

      • PITI (Rolled into Escrow)

  • Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approval​

  • Where would I like to live?

    • Brainstorm dozens of needs vs. wants​

  • Meet the Housing Squad:​

    • Realtor​

    • Broker

    • Appraiser

    • Underwriter

    • Closer

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