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Army Boots
Boot Camp 101

This introductory dive into the world of Unaffordable housing, will uncover information for new and returning renter’s, surrounding independent housing versus supportive housing options; and Market rate versus Subsidized housing.


We’ll also discuss simple ways to address and overcome historical barriers (Evictions/UDs, criminal convictions, lack of rental history, low/no credit score, mental/physical handicaps).


And state/federal programs that can assist with a never-ending rental bill; most importantly, programs that may even pay all or part of rental fee(s)!

What We'll Learn
  • Financial Literacy & Housing Math

    • Banking 101

    • Saving 101

    • Investing 101

    • Credit 101

  • Understanding a Rental Agreement, Roommate Agreement, or Single Room Agreement (SRO)​​


  • Rental Assistance Resources

    • Security/Damage Deposit​

  • Screening Report:

    • What is it, how is it used? 

    • How to conquer a barrier impacted past!

  • Utility Education:

    • What are they? 

      • Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewerage/Trash, HOA fees

    • Splitting a Single-Metered residential building?

    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs

      • How to automatically qualify!

  • Unlawful Detainers (UD):

    • Understanding evictions 

    • Why do they scare landlords? 

    • How do I get rid of it?!


  • Upon Successful completion:

    • Direct referrals to local Supportive Housing Agencies

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